jirí kylián

524 Jiri Kylian - Gods And Dogs

the defense of jirí kylián for having an official website:

Dear friends,

Yes, I have decided to have a website made. A website which will give a fair account of some aspects of my life and my works. And yes, I am also painfully aware of the fact that whatever we do or make is doomed to disappearance, and that our “Planet Earth” will be burn to ashes and then frozen to death and finally it will become a totally insignificant dwarf within the universe.


If some beings from distant galaxies will by chance stumble over it, they will find nothing – nothing at all – not trace of Mozart, Shakespeare, Leonardo or you…But maybe, precisely because of this knowledge, I find it important to “live in the moment” and to share my experiences with you.

[words, words, words]

But rest assured, that I did my best to give a fair and well balanced account of the time we have spent together – time of discovery and creation, which might have helped some of us to find a certain value and purpose in our lives…

(Jirí Kylián, The Hague, May 2012)

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