fashion illustrators 01

in no particular order (01 of 05)

antonio lopez (b. utuado, puerto rico 1943; d. los angeles, usa 1987): picasso of fashion illustration. he captured the pulse of style from the 60s to the 80s, and is still revered as the most inspiring illustrator by today’s practitioners, working with a variety of materials including pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, watercolor and polaroid film.

02387_AL_il_figsite 02385_AL_il_figsite


david downton (b. kent, uk 1959).


harumi yamaguchi (b. japan, 1941): Yamaguchi came out with a book in 1978, published by Parco, entitled Harumi Gals, in which Yamaguchi depicted pin-up girls with impeccable makeup that show a timeless statement of beauty, very much relevant and resonant with today’s girl as it would be in 1980.


joe eula (b. norwalk, usa, 1924; d. kingston, usa, 2004): “I was considered the fastest pencil in the field, a mannequin need only do her turn down the catwalk at a fashion show, and voila – an illustration.” (joe eula)

325434 325431


françois berthoud (b. le locle, switzerland, 1961)



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