fashion illustrators 08

in no particular order (08 of 10)

yelena bryksenkova (b. st petersburg, russia) lives in new england with her imaginary pet elephant and works as a freelance illustrator and fine artist. Uses small pen and watercolour and is inspired by the love she has for her home and the comfort of everyday objects.


hikari shimoda (b. nagano, japan, 1984) paints a world where cuteness and horror coexist, and fantasy meets reality. She credits the Japanese pop culture she grew up with as the main source of inspiration of her Lowbrow “Irasuto” style, which means artwork made by people inspired by anime and manga.
There are often children putting on heroic costumes such as Superman and “shojo” or magical girls, an anime sub-genre of young girls who use magic.



angie wang is a freelance editorial illustrator and cartoonist based in los angeles, previously portland.


marie perron (born and works in france) currently works for the 7000 Magazine Art Director, Steve Hiett, as well as Cosmopolitan and Et Vous du Figaro. She has carried out campaigns for Dior, Ventilo and Boucheron.


jules julien (lives and works in amsterdam) artist whose illustrative work questions the reality of the world which surrounds us. Beginning his process with a personal research project through drawings and design, he has created work for clients such as Diesel, Lancôme, Cartier, Acer computer, Grazia magazine, Sony PlayStation, Citizen K International, The Fader, Cartoon Network, Keds, and Laurence King Publishing.


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