fashion illustrators 09

in no particular order (09 of 10)

jeanette getrost (born in los angeles) is a fashion illustrator with a background in figure drawing.


kareem iliya (born in beirut. lives and works in vermont, usa) illustrations have appeared in numerous publications worldwide, including The New York Times, W Magazine, WWD, Harper’s Bazaar, Los Angeles TIme, Chicago Tribune, among others.


stina persson (lives and works in stockholm, sweden)


izak zenou is a stylishly quirky presence in the world of fashion illustration. His work, long associated with exclusive brands and publications, conveys a breezy style and enchanting view of life. Izak’s women are attractive, charming, feminine, and modern. His everyday vignettes possess quirky charm and lighthearted delight. Izak’s colorful, magical world lends a fun fashion authority wherever he puts his brush.


autumn whitehurst is a brooklyn based illustrator

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