fashion illustrators 10

in no particular order (10 of 10)

jordi labanda (b. mercedes, uruguay. lives and works in new york)


bil donovan (lives and works in new york) uses selectivity as a backdrop for his work. His ability to capture the essence of a fleeting moment or spirit of a personality with a minimal amount of time and detail initiated a working relationship with vogue which commissioned bil to capture events and create portraits of the attendees at various vogue special events.


jean-philippe delhomme (b. nanterre, france, 1959) has been working as an illustrator since the mid-eighties. one of his most celebrated works is the series polaroids de jeunes filles, created in 1987. he directs animation advertisements for saab and is the author of several novels including comique de proximite (2005) and the children’s book visit to another planet.


jason brooks (b. london, uk, 1969) has provided the visual identity for record label, most notably hedkandi, who have achieved sales in excess of 05 million albums featuring his artwork. he is noted in particular as being one of the first artists to embrace and popularise computer technology in the field of fashion illustration. the glamorous and aspirational world of the imagination he presents in his works has proven to be an ideal vehicle to promote a wide range of luxury and lifestyle brands.


tina bernin (b. braunschweig, germany, in 1969) is a berlin based artist and illustrator.

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