as i was sailing along that summer, undTLA-the-life-aquatic-with-steve-zissou-10175163-1600-1200er a dazzling sky, and drifting lazily in the wind and sun, i found myself, one fine morning, in the green and stagnant waters of the sargasso sea, at a mysterious spot where thousands of tiny sparks, all shapes and all colors, were glimmering crazily in the early morning light. bearing off, i was dumbfounded to see an area almost two hundred and fifty acres square entirely populated by dancing bottles. there were countless little vessels, and each one no doubt bore its message; each had its freight and each had its buoyant little roll, ballasted with seawrack and rockery; each carried its hope and its despair. the coiling winds had compelled them all there, from far and near, from a thousand different quadrants. their constant and perilous collisions made for an acute and cacophonic carillon, and this noise mounted heavenward, wafted to the horizon, it filled all space with giddy ecstasy. the following night, a wide sargasso put me in danger of shipwreck. i had just about foundered. swiftly i made a raft of some of the bottles, they worked well as floats and bladders, and thus did I make my way back to bordeaux. (a short tall tale, michel serres)


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